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The philosophy of Imagine-Chancellor is guided by the Six Measures of Excellence. We believe that parent choice, having shared values, maintaining academic achievement, developing students of good character, creating an economically sustainable school, and developing new schools are the keys to becoming a school of choice. All six measures are equally important and it is the role of the staff to believe and participate in these measures.


Parent Choice gives the parents the ability to pick a school that caters to their children’s needs. We believe that without parents, we cannot function effectively. Shared Values are believed to be the heart of the six measures. This particular measure guides our work ethics through our organization. The core of Shared Values is the belief that justice, integrity, and fun are threaded into not only the workplace but our curriculum as well.

We take enormous pride in being a school where success is individually defined. It is a testimony to the teachers who have inspired this wonderful perception of education through their endless devotion and nurturing demeanor. Students at Imagine-Chancellor are proud of their school which is reflected in their demeanor.

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