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Our History


Chancellor Charter School at Lantana opened in 2001 with the school’s charter being renewed in 2006 as an "Imagine School". Five years later, in 2006, the charter was renewed with the district as Imagine-Chancellor promising to serve students in grades K-8. In 2010, the school moved to a new facility and expanded its population to 1,000 learners. As of 2015, Imagine-Chancellor received a 15-year charter renewal from the Palm Beach County School District with a continuing promise to educate students in grades K-8. This coming school year, Imagine-Chancellor will be providing quality instruction for 1,040 students. 


Our Philosophy
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Empower all students to become caring, responsible, accountable, and productive citizens.

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Imagine-Chancellor will establish, equip, engage, and evaluate every student through authentic curriculum and a nurturing learning environment.

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Character Mission

The Imagine-Chancellor Family will live out our core values of being a CHARGER (Caring Honest Accountable Respectful Grateful Empathetic Responsible) through interpersonal relationships.

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